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Interview: Urban archaeologist Joan Geismar on the artifacts she’s dug up across New York
May 12, 2017


Archaeologist Digs for Ancient Outhouses in Gowanus
April 7, 2017


The New York Times


Red-Brick Remnant of a Beer-Brewing Past Appears, Only to Vanish
March 27, 2014


Raiders of the Lost City
July 22, 2010


Builders Unearth a Mystery in Times Square
December 21, 2009


Clues Emerge to Life of Irishman Buried Under Park
November 12, 2009


Gravestone From 1799 is Found in Washington Square Park
October 28, 2009


LETTERS | Survivors' Stairway
August 12, 2007


What May Have Made Good Neighbors Now Present a Puzzle
February 28, 2007


Do You Know the Muffin Man was on West 20th Street
July 28, 2006


Found: A Wall of Old New York, and It’s Blocking the Subway
December 8, 2005


In Manhattan, Dig this Find: Wall Dates to Colonial Times
December 7, 2005


Archaeologists Trace Mystery Wall Not to War but to Beer Archaeologistsr
July 31, 2005


Pipe Dreams
March 13, 2005


What Remains of the Day; In Vinegar Hill, a Last Look at a Revolutionary War Grave Site
December 13, 2003


How the History of New York City, in Little Pieces, Is Being Unearthed
April 16, 1989


Tenth Street Privy Yields Artifacts
November 17, 1987


Back to School and Back in Time
November 21, 1982


The Legends of Skunk Hollow
January 10, 1982



Wall Street Journal


An Urban Archaeologist's Manhattan Privy Mystery

August 24, 1993